thirty six knots

Building a brand one knot At a

With 36 Knots, Navigate honours the ancient tradition and techniques of rug making, while breathing new life into an industry saturated with competition.
Launching 2017

What we did for them.


The Pazyryk carpet, considered the oldest in the world, is made up of 36 symmetrical knots per cm², with each square filled by x-shaped patterns. Inspired by this symbol of enduring artistry and craftsmanship, Navigate wove the notion of heritage and tradition into every element of the 36 Knots brand, from the name and brand story, through to the design of each and every rug.

web design & Development

The 36 Knots website is a colourful example of how inspiring an online experience can be. From augmented reality that allows users to view 36 Knots area rugs in their own home, to a customization feature that lets anyone redesign and preview their own unique rug, the site is as creative as the brand itself.


Along with branding and website design, the Navigate Group team was tasked with designing over 200 area rugs for the 36 Knots premiere line. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the Navigate Group team traveled to India to meet with weavers and learn the process first hand. From there, competitor research, concept development, intense colour studies and design began.

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