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frat’s, Hamilton

a big Brand gets a little Bro.

When established Italian restaurant brand Fraticelli's wanted to create a pizza-focused spin-off, Navigate led the design of flagship boutique pizza joint, Frat's.

What we did for them.

Interior Design

One of the mandates was to maintain an industrial rawness and street art influence, while appealing to a stylish, largely female crowd. To do it, Navigate designed a fresh palette of peach, pastel, bronze accent, intricate tile work, and natural materials, creating a casual and cozy dining atmosphere in Frat's 1500 sq. ft. street-front location. Visible wood burning oven, wine bar, and branded yellow garage door that opens in the summer to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, add to the charm


The Navigate team brought the brand to life – leading logo development, and designing everything from menus, stationary, and signage, to uniforms, takeout containers, and the Frat's website.

More Work