With Mira, Navigate has reimagined an iconic nightclub into a culinary hidden gem. Blurring the line between speakeasy and starred restaurant, Mira transports lovers of fine cuisine and cocktails to the heart of Miraflores, Peru, without ever leaving Toronto.
Opening Winter 2017

What we did for them.

Interior Design

The Mira experience begins outside, as guests are tempted down a dim alleyway lit with string lights and lanterns, to a rustic iron gate. Once inside, bright patterned fabrics, a stunning wood bar, and open kitchen create an undeniable energy that pulls you in. Textured plaster walls add authenticity and a sense of history, while dim lights and backlit mirrors set a sultry, stay-a-while tone.


Mira's branding is inspired by the streets of Miraflores – particularly the wrought iron gates and detailed flare found in the district's architecture. A palette of blues and earthy rose hues carries the concept of land and sea off the menu, and eclectic typography roots the brand in memories of ornate pieces picked up at street markets during the Chef's travels to Peru.

custom wall graphics

In Spanish, mira means "to look". The Navigate design team translated this concept into a custom infinity mirror wall – with layers of glass reflecting illustrations of woozy octopus ink, twisting florals, and pin-up style women with tattoos and jungle headdresses, all hinting at the land to sea cuisine served at Mira.

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