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Chef Stuart Cameron’s name is synonymous with some of the most celebrated restaurants in Canada and abroad. After years traveling around the world building restaurant brands, Stu wanted to start building a brand of his own, where he could focus on his learnings and recipes, working towards publishing a cookbook. He needed a brand that would reflect his diverse culinary experience, as well as his commitment to quality and authenticity.

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The circular logo mark references a plate, a pan, a wine glass mark, as well as a globe - tying in the international quality of Stu’s cuisine. A palette of deep blues with a hint of refined gold helps to carry the concept of international luxury throughout, and modern typography with a touch of humanist influence anchors the branding. A carefully curated selection of rustic food photography balances the elegant mark, and shows a bit of Chef’s personality.

web design & development

Chef Cameron needed a place to showcase recipes, photography of his most recent creations, and share press coverage. Using large, stunning photos and a grid system for a clean layout, the site was built with a straightforward content management system for easy, client-run maintenance and updates.

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