global experts revisit their brand.

Canadian-owned and led by a team of senior industry executives, VoX International Inc. provides a wide range of sales and marketing solutions for all facets of the travel and tourism sectors. The existing VoX brand did not reflect the credibility or expertise that the company brings to the marketplace. They needed a refreshed brand and visual design system that was modern and simple.

What we did for them.

brand refresh

Navigate Group completed a brand refresh including a new logo, an update to brand colours and typography, as well as brand positioning. Because of the mass amount of video and photography content the client had from their travels, we created comprehensive guidelines for photography and video, maximizing the use of bright impactful photography, which brought a sense of luxury and leisure to the brand.

web design & development

Navigate built an updated website that was user-friendly and showcased VoX’s content and industry leadership in a more intuitive and streamlined way. The site was built with a straightforward content management system for easy, client-run maintenance and updates.


VoX had a crowded website with no clear brand voice or structure. Their issue was not LACK of content, but a surplus of it. We applied a less-is-more approach, showcasing their most prominent and recent case studies, as opposed every case study (quality over quantity). We helped unify their messaging, and define an established and professional brand voice that still showcased the dedication, energy and adventurous spirit of the VoX team.

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