weslodge, dubai

a modern day Saloon.

The Weslodge concept was created by Icon Legacy and implemented at its buzzing downtown Toronto flagship. For its Dubai location, Navigate was tasked with reimagining the "Ralph Lauren meets Rock & Roll" brand to resonate with the UAE market, and fit within a 5-star hotel environment, on the 68th floor of the JW Marriot Marquis in Business Bay.

What we did for them.

Interior Design

Step through Weslodge Dubai's iconic yellow doors, and enter a modern saloon in the sky. With curated taxidermy on weathered cabinet walls, and a trail of custom steampunk fixtures leading to the moody ambiance and custom plush leather seats of the dining area, drinking and dining at Weslodge Dubai feels like hanging out in the home of a rock star.

Art Curation

Each of the 114 pieces of artwork hanging on the walls of Weslodge Dubai – a captivating mix of collected images, restored paintings, and vintage frames – was carefully selected by the Navigate design team. In addition, over 100 vintage objects can be found throughout the space, each of which was hand-picked in Toronto, shipped to Dubai, and staged onsite.


A comprehensive marketing plan crafted by Navigate, including a unique approach to positioning Weslodge for the UAE market, resulted in a smooth and successful launch, and overall brand experience.


Navigate's digital team faced a unique challenge when launching Weslodge Dubai: located on the 68th floor of the JW Marriot Marquis, the restaurant had no natural footfall. Leveraging SEM, SEO and LLM, Navigate boosted awareness of new location, created excitement around the brand, and launched Weslodge Dubai with impressive results.

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