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A culture of collaboration.

So, how do we make this happen? Short answer: by working together very, very closely. Slightly longer answer: by following our trusted five-step Navigate process. Every project takes on a life of its own, but we always base our work off this proven model to keep things running smoothly and smartly.



We start by making you talk. We’ll spend a couple hours together hosting a sort of “shrink session” where we take you through a comprehensive stakeholder questionnaire that helps us understand exactly what your brand stands for. We’ll establish background, vision, goals, and start to uncover meaningful insights about your company’s identity.



Armed with the information from our kickoff, we’ll take a deep dive into the data. Our team independently conducts in-depth research to understand your market potential, competitive landscape, trends, and what’s missing from your current offering. This data helps us to form a strategic roadmap that guides us towards bigger, better ideas.


Building Your Story

A brand is only as strong as the story it tells. Once our research is complete, we’ll develop your brand narrative through a positioning strategy that establishes your story, values, messaging, user personas and brand expressions. We can also lead naming exercises and tagline generation as we establish a consistent tone & voice.


Visual Identity

Next we focus on look and feel. Here we create all the visual design assets and typically explore several variations that are inspired by the company’s core values. All the visual identities will take into account how the brand will grow and evolve in the future and the entire process is very iterative, allowing for constant communication and client input.


Presentation & Approval

Get your popcorn ready. Once we’ve finalized our work, we’ll take you through our thinking during a robust presentation to your key stakeholders. We’ll ask for honest feedback and make any adjustments necessary to finalize your brand’s new identity. From there, we can get to work on whatever needs to come next.

Don’t be shy!

We’ve never met a brand that didn’t excite us. Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking for a high level refresh, or something else totally unexpected, we’re always ready to talk. Just let us know where to reach you and we can get down to work.

    400 - 1910 Yonge St.
    Toronto, On, Canada
    + 416 296 9060