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We are a creative agency
crafting brands
that give the city life.

Navigate is many things: a hospitality brand agency, digital studio, idea incubator. But really, we’re just people with a passionate appreciation for amazing experiences - be it a restaurant, hotel, or something a lot harder to label. So why are we here? To help build the brands we’re dying to experience for ourselves.

LOUIX LOUIS St. Regis Hotel

Naming, Copywriting,
Branding, Menu Design,
Website Design, Social Strategy


Concept Development, Branding,
Strategy, Interactive


Naming, Branding,
Strategy, Copywriting,
Website Design, Social Strategy

We provide a holistic view

Our agency model is designed to put everyone on the ground floor. That’s why we have chefs working alongside designers, and operations managers collaborating with digital marketers — to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.

Don’t be shy!

We’ve never met a brand that didn’t excite us. Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking for a high level refresh, or something totally unexpected, we’re always ready to talk. Just let us know where to reach you and we can get to work.

    400 - 1910 Yonge St.
    Toronto, On, Canada
    + 416 296 9060